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12 12, 2014

Decorative Film Ideas for Your Home Phoenix, AZ

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Beautiful Way to Enhance Privacy for Your Home   Has your child(ren) ever walked in on you after taking a shower?  The picture above says it all.  So what can do you (besides lock your door)?  You could spend hundreds to thousands of dollars by purchasing a new shower stall with etched glass OR you [...]

15 09, 2014

Low-E EnerLogic Film – Alternative and Less Expensive Than Low-E Glass

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Thinking About Upgrading to Low-E Windows?   When Should You Upgrade Your Windows? Window Films can do amazing things for your windows, energy savings, and furnishings; however, if your windows are currently "experiencing" any of the following then you should replace your windows: (Information taken from Vista's website) Before you decide that low-e window film [...]

29 05, 2014

June Special

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Temperature's are Rising!  Have your window film installed today to see your energy savings now!   Deal of the Month 10% off all installations of 100 sq feet or more during the month of June. (Maximum savings of $100) *Deal expires June 30, 2014 Please mention that you saw our special on our website to [...]

28 03, 2014

Sun (Shade) Screens Need Replacement?

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Compare the Pictures Below... Which outside view is visibly pleasing to you?     Window Film top left Room with Sun (Shade) Screens                 Architectural Window Film vs Sun (Shade) Screens Surprisingly many people in Arizona do not know that they can apply window [...]

17 01, 2014

See Your Savings with EnerLogic Window Film

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EnerLogic Window Films , by VISTA have raised the bar on energy efficiency  compared to our competition (3M Window Film).     With our new technology, companies cannot begin to compare their Low-E Films or Low-E Glass against EnerLogic incomparable capabilities!   SAVINGS Not only will EnerLogic reduce your cooling and heating bills, but your [...]

20 12, 2013

#18 – Film can be added whenever you want

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Because film installation is usually the last option after the entire construction or retrofit process is complete, architects may think it’s not necessary, but the numerous benefits that come from film are underrated simply due to lack of exposure in the architectural industry. The need for film is often realized later down the road, often [...]

22 10, 2013

Come Visit Us at Upcoming Trade Shows and Expo in Phoenix, AZ

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This time of year is a beautiful time in Phoenix and with the temperature change comes many trade shows and expos.  Below is a list of the events we will be attending -- please stop by and say hi and learn more about the great benefits of window film, shutters, blinds, and shades.   Show [...]

18 10, 2013

Conserve Energy in the Winter and the Summer in AZ!

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This is my favorite time of the year in Arizona -- beautiful days, cool nights -- can't ask for anything more!! Most people do not think of window film during this time of the year, but did you know that window film can not only help in the summer, but the winter too? According to [...]

10 10, 2013

How to Clean Window Tint/Film

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There IS a difference between how you clean automotive film and residential/commercial film!   Auto FilmAuto film should NEVER be cleaned using ammonia based products.  Why?  All window film is porous, which means cleaning solutions will seep through the window film to the adhesives.  The adhesive is where the UV protection is and ammonia based [...]

2 10, 2013

Why Professional Installation of Window Film is the Best.

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According to International Window Film Association (IWFA) website professional installation is the best for a variety of reasons: (information retrieved from IWFA website -- see link)  Professional dealer installers have film-to-glass recommendations from their manufacturers to use in assisting the customer in selecting the correct film for the particular windows and product benefits desired by [...]

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