Thinking About Upgrading to Low-E Windows?


When Should You Upgrade Your Windows?

Window Films can do amazing things for your windows, energy savings, and furnishings; however, if your windows are currently “experiencing” any of the following then you should replace your windows:

(Information taken from Vista’s website)

Before you decide that low-e window film is the right solution for your commercial building, make sure you’re not experiencing one of these issues:

  • Moisture/condensation/mold. Window film can keep solar heat gain and glare out of your building, but it won’t keep moisture out when window seals or frames are damaged, ineffective, or failing due to age or poor window design.
  • Air leakage. Drafts due to high winds, pressurization problems, or poor seals or gaskets often result in reduced comfort levels for tenants and occupants. While low-e window film may improve interior comfort levels as they relate to solar heat gain and hot/cold spots, it wasn’t designed to reduce or eliminate drafts or pressurization issues.
  • Cracked or failed glass. Security window film is designed to hold glass in place upon impact, preventing or slowing glass breakage when a window is shattered (whether accidentally or on purpose). However, if existing window glass already has cracks, applying window film over the cracks won’t solve the problem – the window glass still needs to be replaced.
  • Structural inadequacy. If the existing window system (including connections) isn’t structurally adequate, is deteriorating, or doesn’t effectively accommodate building movement and structural loadings, this can affect window performance (and safety). Window film does improve window performance as it relates to insulating power; however, window film can’t improve or repair the window’s overall structure. If your windows are structurally inadequate, you’ll need to look at solutions beyond window film to solve this problem.

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When you should consider window film

If you are wanting to save energy and your windows are still functional, a retro-fit window film, such as EnerLogic, is a great choice.  A new patio door with Low-E glass will run between $350-$400.  EnerLogic will only cost between $200-$250, that is almost a 50% savings and residential customers will receive a lifetime transferable warranty with EnerLogic.


High Energy Savings and Doesn’t Darken Your Rooms

If you are wanting the high energy savings, without darkening, EnerLogic is the way to go.  Below is a home we completed in Phoenix, AZ.  The glare was reduced, while the room still maintained light and has a total solar energy rejection between 70%  –  76%, which is comparable to our darker films!


EnerLogic applied to patio doors – nothing on other window

Front of home.  All windows have EnerLogic film.

Front of home. All windows have EnerLogic film.

EnerLogic on left window

EnerLogic on left window

enerlogic window films installed by veteran tinting and blinds

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