There IS a difference between how you clean automotive film and residential/commercial film!


Auto FilmAuto film should NEVER be cleaned using ammonia based products.  Why?  All window film is porous, which means cleaning solutions will seep through the window film to the adhesives.  The adhesive is where the UV protection is and ammonia based products can eat away at this protection causing your film to turn purple.

Bad tint job and discoloration

Bad tint job and discoloration


Residential and Commercial Film

While shopping for residential film, ask your sales person how the film should be cleaned.  Most films on the market will need to be cleaned like auto film — mild water and detergent or glass cleaner without ammonia.

LLumar window films can be cleaned with ammonia based products (think Windex).  Why?  LLumar’s window film is made with a Clear Distortion Free (CDF) adhesive which is a dry adhesive that is activated by water and chemically bonds to the glass.  The CDF polymer is harder and has some crystallinity as opposed to our competitors adhesive which have pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA).

As stated before, window films are porous and solutions will get to the adhesive.  Because LLumar has the CDF adhesive, the UV protection is, well protected, therefore discoloration of your product will not occur.  Need proof — LLumar was created in 1977 and has never had an adhesive failure!

With LLumar Window Film you will never need to worry about how a person cleans your windows, whether you do it yourself or someone else does it for you.