This is my favorite time of the year in Arizona — beautiful days, cool nights — can’t ask for anything more!! Most people do not think of window film during this time of the year, but did you know that window film can not only help in the summer, but the winter too?

According to the Department of Energy, as much as one-third (30%) of the average home’s heat loss occurs through windows and doors.  How can you avoid this heat loss?  LLumar Window Films are a great alternative to caulking and weather-stripping.

By applying window films you not only help reflect the summer heat, you also help keep in the radiant heat in your home during the cooler months.  The sun is closest to the Earth in the winter (Northern Hemisphere) and although the suns rays are not as strong, the UV factor is still an issue.  Window films will protect your furnishings and window coverings (blinds, shutters, etc) from fading due to the intensity of the sun’s rays.


sun location


DR35 top of door, top windows, and bottom window in between trees

Residential Window Film Scottsdale

Before and after with LLumar DR15 residential window film.


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 – Arizona’s Sun Control Veteran