Benefits of Window Film 


If you are considering having window film installed on your home or business, what benefits are you hoping to receive?  Listed below are some of the benefits window film can give you:

Heat Reduction

Window films can reduce solar gain heat reduction up to 84%.  If you have “hot spots” in your location that requires extra air-conditioning costs, window film can help reduce these expenses by reflecting the heat back to the outside.

Fading/UV Protection

Window films block 99 – 99.9% of the damaging UV rays into your home or business. LLumar and Vista Window Films are endorsed by The Skin Cancer Foundation due to their ability to block damaging rays.

heat pie chart

Fading Chart

Fading occurs from damaging UV rays, visible light, heat, and miscellaneous sources.  40% of the damage comes from UV Light and window films cut out 99-99.9% of that damage!  Keep your furnishings, carpets, window treatments, and accessories fade free for a longer time with window film.







If you have glare issues on your computer screens, television, or when trying to talk to someone and the glare of the window is blinding, then window film is a great benefit.

LLumar and Vista window films can cut glare up to 87% which can make a world of difference in your home or business.

Reduce glare, heat, and fading

Reduce glare, heat, and fading










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