Vertical Blinds are Making a Come Back


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An array of vertical blinds that reflects your style


We work exclusively with Century Blinds located in California, which allows us to present to you a variety of vertical blinds that fit your style and budget.


Gone are the days of your only option being plain plastic vertical blinds (which we still carry).  We know offer a whole arrangement of styles, colors, textures, and patterns that best fits your needs.

Faux Wood Blinds

Want the look of wood vertical blinds without the cost?  See the picture below of our samples of these blinds.

2015 Pictures 172  You can see the texture in these verticals that capture the look of wood.  These verticals come in five different colors.







Cool Textures

Vertical blinds can have some great textures that help contrast against plain walls.  We also carry verticals with a “vine” design that is unique to most vertical blinds.

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Textured verticals

2015 Pictures 173

Vine Verticals












Cloth Verticals

For those who like verticals, but not the constant sound they make when the wind blows, we offer cloth verticals that help eliminate this distraction.

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Cloth Verticals


Photos from Century Blinds

Below are photos are different styles of verticals from the Century Blinds website.

Textured verticals

Textured verticals

Cloth verticals

Cloth verticals











How they are made

Century Blinds constructs their blinds with the best PVC and fabric materials.  They are resistant to moisture and corrosion, which enables them to last for a very long time. The shades come with a valance to create a clean look and if you wish to have them motorized there is an option for that too.

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