EnerLogic Window Films , by VISTA have raised the bar on energy efficiency  compared to our competition (3M Window Film).


EnerLogic_RGB_LR-thm  dualPane

With our new technology, companies cannot begin to compare their Low-E Films or Low-E Glass against EnerLogic incomparable capabilities!




Not only will EnerLogic reduce your cooling and heating bills, but your ROI (Return on Investment) is amazing when compared to other energy sources and replacing your windows.    Below is what you will save living in Phoenix, AZ – Dual-Pane Windows, 2000 sq foot home using EnerLogic.

Your Energy Saving Results! (Location: Phoenix, AZ. Glass Type: Dual-Pane, Film Type: EnerLogic 35, House Size:2000 sq ft)

Annual Cooling
Energy Savings 39.2%
Annual kW-hr Savings 4,477
Annual Carbon Emissions
Reduction (lb CO2) 6,895
Ultraviolet Ray Reduction 99.9%

Savings $537

If you want to see what your home will save, click here and scroll to the bottom right and enter your information based on your location, current glass type, and size of home.


The price varies depending on quantity of glass and ladder work, but is less expensive than 3M’s Prestige by approximately $3-$5/sq foot.  So not only are you paying less, you are getting more heat protection then you will find with any of our competitors.


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