Secure Your Business with Security Window Film

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Security Film and Your Store Front

Unfortunately, break ins occur through store fronts generally in the evening or early mornings when no one is around.  Cameras and security systems are a great way to deter and catch criminals; however, some of these criminals are in and out before any police can arrive.

What Can You Do to Secure Your Business?

Besides cameras and alarms, security film is an excellent way to deter criminals from entering your store.  Security films can range from 4 mm to 15 mm in thickness.  The film is clear (however tinted security film is available too), that cannot be seen by the intruder.  The film is placed on the inside of the glass so when the glass is broken, the shards stick to the security film.  Although one barrier (window) has been broken, getting through the security film is almost impossible.” Security window film can help hold glass in place to offer additional protection to people inside who otherwise could be seriously injured from broken glass or glass shards.

LLumar Security Film was used at the John F. Kennedy Center (click here for the case study).


This video shows how well security film works!


Here is another great video of how 7mm works against an explosion.

Residential Security Film

Security films can also be used in homes to ensure safety and security for your family and your belongings.  Again, you can choose to have the security film clear or tinted.  If you currently have film on your home, security film can be installed over existing window film.



The cost of security film can range from $10-$20 per sq foot depending on type of film used and if an attachment frame is necessary.

We offer free onsite estimates in which we measure the windows, discuss your options and present you with an estimate.

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