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Residential Window Tinting Films…Residential window tinting will reduce fading and block 99.9% of UVA and UVB from the sun…Residential window tinting can reduce heat gain up to 84%…Residential window tinting can cut annoying glare up to 94%…We offer residential window tinting that is tested and warranted to be safe for dual pane glass…HOA approved residential window tinting…our residential solar control window tinting has not had an adhesive failure with their CDF adhesive…Lifetime residential warranties that can be transferable to one homeowner.

 Before and after with LLumar DR15 residential ow film
Reduced 60% glare and 56% heat with LLumar DR35

Commercial Window Tinting Films…Commercial window tinting is designed for the company leasing the building AND the company that owns the building…our commercial window tinting has not had an adhesive failure with their CDF adhesive…our commercial window tinting is made to last as long as the glass is functional and can be cleaned with everyday commercial cleaners.  LLumar Window Film was developed in 1977 – tested by NFRC – designed to perform and last.

Home Security Window Films…Security systems are great if the criminal is afraid of them but remember, they usually have 45 seconds once they gain entry, then the security company calls the homeowner, then they call the police…two-three minutes have gone by and so has your TV and valuables…security window films are tested to hold the glass together upon impact…security window films can be used with frame attachment systems for a higher level of protection…security window films are clear or tinted for combined security and solar protection.

Stop entry with LLumar Security Window Film
Protect people and property with a clear Security Window Film

Commercial Security Window Films…After 9-11-2001 over 70 installers were sent to Washington D.C. to apply security window film to all the government buildings…our Pentagon had security window film on some of the windows when the plane struck…the security window film stopped glass from flying, reducing injury to people and damage to property…LLumar 7 mil and 8 mil security window film in conjunction with a frame attachment system pass government GSA standards for blast resistance…LLumar 4 mil and 6 mil security window film is designed for smash and grab protection…LLumar security window film has a durable scratch resistant coat for cleaning…security window film can be clear or tinted for combined solar control protection.

Commercial Graffiti Window Films…Graffiti window films are designed to be a sacrificial barrier between vandalism and flat smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors and stainless steel…Graffiti window films have a low tack adhesive so that the damage can be done to the graffiti window film and the graffiti window film can be removed from the surface without leaving any adhesive behind…LLumar graffiti window films come in 4 mil and 6 mil thicknesses.

llumar anti graffiti film
 LLumar White Frost will allow light and provide privacy

Residential Privacy Window Films…Privacy window films can be used to obscure the view from outside in and from inside out…Privacy window films come in a variation of colors, textures and designs…Privacy window films are commonly used on bathroom windows and entry windows to give people privacy at all times.

Commercial Glass Enhancement Window Films…Architects and designers dream of unique applications that will amaze those that view the completed masterpiece when complete…Glass enhancement window films…Decorative window films…Designer window films…over 300 different glass enhancement films…create the glass you want with decorative window films…simple and extravagant are available in designer window films, have fun!

Creativity comes alive with Glass Enhancement Window Films
Beautiful shutters for most applications

Residential Shutters…We install 100% American Made Basswood Shutters…Residential shutters can be made for French doors, windows, patio doors, and arches…Residential shutters come in 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ and 4 1/2″ louvers, painted or stained…

Residential Window Blinds…Residential blinds come horizontal and vertical…Residential blinds have wood blinds options and faux wood blinds options in horizontal…many vertical blind options available…Residential blinds are most economical while very functional as well…Residential blinds offered are made with metal head rails built to last.

vertical and horizontal mini window blinds
Shear shadings give daytime privacy when open

Residential shades…Many different residential shades…Roller shades…Cellular shades…Bamboo shades…Shear shadings…Roman shades…Blackout shades…Motorized shades…Residential shades can give your room the look you have always wanted…Residential shades vary in cost with many materials and options available.

Commercial Window Blinds…Commercial blinds are needed for aesthetics and privacy as well as reducing some direct glare and heat…Commercial blinds can be 1″ metal in many colors…Common applications also include 2″ wood or faux wood…Vertical commercial blinds are very functional.

Blackout roller shades can reduce that annoying glare and cut some direct sunlight

Commercial Shades…Commercial shades work well if the sun is in the way for awhile but then get them out of the way…Commercial roller shades allow 3%, 5% and 10% of the light in…Commercial roller shades are available in blackout…many colors and styles to choose from in the line of roller shades.

Retractable Screens…Retractable screens made with powder coated materials matching the color of your home…Retractable screens are a great solution for a doorway providing airflow and protection…Retractable screens that are built to last as long as your home.

Screens that are there when you need them and gone when you don

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