New Year…New Window Treatments

If you are tired of looking at this…….

ugly window treatment

ugly window treatment

And wanting something more like this ……

Roman Shades

Roman Shades window treatments


woven wood shades

woven wood shades window treatments









wood blinds

wood blinds window treatments

These are just a few of our professional line window treatments that we work with.   Wood blinds, woven wood shades, honeycomb, and Roman shades are just some of our popular choices.

INSTALLATION: Your blinds will be installed by our own professional installer.  Your old window treatments will be removed and discarded of by our installer at no additional cost!

We carry Century Blinds, which is located in California!

When will we get our shades!  Once the order has been placed, it generally takes between 10 – 14 days to receive the product.  Once we receive them we will contact you immediately to schedule an installation based on your availability.


Pricing varies dependent upon size of window opening and type of shade.  If you are looking for custom quality shades with a lifetime warranty, look no further then Veteran Tinting and Blinds!

We offer free onsite estimates and have samples for you to choose from.

Contact us today to update your window treatments!