How Private is Your Home?


One has to wonder, if Santa can see you when you’re home – who else can?

santa sees

Comfort and privacy in our homes are something we often take for granted.  If you love to have light shine into your home during the day, but don’t want people to see in, what should you do?


Apply Window Film!!!!!

It is quite simple to allow sunlight in, while keeping your nosy neighbors out!


nosy neighbor

LLumar,Vista, and EnerLogic Window Film allow daytime privacy, which means during the day people cannot see into your home and you can leave your window treatments open!


Privacy from outside

Privacy from outside Residential Window tinting, Arizona Traditions, Surprise, AZAs you can see from the pictures above, your windows reflect the outside environment.  The reflection change as the sun sets, which is why this is referred to daytime privacy (at night, your windows look like regular windows unless you have a light shining onto them from the outside).

You do not have the boarded up look as you would sunscreens, but instead have the look of expensive glass, while not paying high prices.

Boarded up look of solar screens

Boarded up look of solar screens

Inside Your Home

How does it look on the inside?  Take a look at this picture below.  You will notice that window film does NOT change the appearance of your glass (unlike sunscreens) – you can still see out of them as you would without window film.


House with Window Film Applied (right window)

LLumar DR15 left

LLumar DR15 right

So keep the nosy neighbors out, the sunlight in, and reduce your energy costs all by using LLumar or Vista Window Film

Nosy neighbor cartoon

Nosy neighbor cartoon


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