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13 07, 2015

Secure your Business with Security Window Film Phoenix, AZ

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Secure Your Business with Security Window Film Security Film and Your Store Front Unfortunately, break ins occur through store fronts generally in the evening or early mornings when no one is around.  Cameras and security systems are a great way to deter and catch criminals; however, some of these criminals are in and out before [...]

14 09, 2011

Graffiti Window Film Phoenix – What is that?

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Graffiti window film is designed to be applied to glass, mirror or stainless steel surfaces.  The film acts as a sacrificial barrier -  protecting the targeted surfaces from graffiti and etching. There are 4 mil and 6 mil products available. The thicker film will act similar to the glass when a key or sharp surface [...]

16 06, 2011

Commercial Window film Phoenix for safety and security

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After September 11, 2001 over 70 installers were hired to apply security window film to all the government buildings in Washington D.C.  Security window film has been tested in many different scenarios to provide different levels of security.  Window films are designed to provide smash and grab protection for convenience stores and jewelry stores.  Window [...]

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