Obtain Privacy While Not Blocking Light with Decorative



Privacy is important whether at home or at work.  Shower stalls with etched glass can be expensive.  Etched windows for your conference room are expensive, so what can you do?


Decorative Window Films is your Solution!

With over 300 different types of decorative window films to choose from we can find what you are looking for!

shower door  You can take this shower door and add decorative film to change its appearance AND add privacy.


Clear WatersOne example is this beautiful Clear Waters decorative film.

Neighbors too close?

Enjoy a relaxing bath without fear of who may be watching!

Decorative film in bathroom

Decorative film in bathroom


Have french doors leading into your office or bedroom?

Choose a beautiful decorative film to keep light in, while maintaining privacy

decorative french panes

You can even go all out and crazy with decorative film


Maintain privacy during meetings with decorative film too!

LLumar Frost

LLumar Frost

Can Decorative Film be Removed!

Absolutely.  Although it is not a peel and stick application (it is professionally installed to last for many years), it can be removed if you are moving, what a change, or need to change.