Beautiful Honeycomb Shades


Honeycomb shades are also know as cell shades.  The definition of a honeycomb shade is:

A honeycomb shade is a fabric pleated shade that forms a ‘cell’. The cell shade, as it’s known, is highly effective at insulating a window from the heat in the summer and good at keeping the heat in during the winter.


honeycomb shades

Many people love honeycomb shades as it provides insulation as well as beauty.

Honeycombs are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures.


size of shades







Honeycombs can also have cords, be cordless, open from the bottom only, or open as a top-up, bottom-down (aka twin fold)

top up bottom down top up bottom down ex

Not only are honeycomb shades easy to install, but they are lightweight, crisp, energy-efficient,and beautiful.

side view of shade

Call us today for a free in home estimate and see how you can add beauty to your home!  Delivery  of honeycomb shades generally takes 5-10 business days after order is placed.  As soon as they arrive, we will contact you to install them in your home or place of business!