Security Window Film


Benefits of Security Window Film


What is Security Window Film

Layers of Security Window Film

Layers of Security Window Film

Security films are made of clear polyester film along with an adhesive, UV absorber, and scratch resistant coatings.  The polyester portion can range from 2 mil – 15 mil in thickness.  The thickness depends on the use for the film.  The thicker the film, the more protection.

Frame attachments may be added to add even more resistance to break-ins.


Business Owners/Property Managers – If smash and grab is a concern at your place of business, security window film will help protect not only your goods, but also the clean up.  As you can see from the picture above, security film will hold the glass together and not only will that keep intruders out, but will also keep the glass from flying all over the place.  Schools can be another great location for security film.

Homeowners Security window film is a great addition to your home.  Regardless of the community you live in, security film will help keep intruders out while maintaining your view, unlike security screens.

Upgrading Windows

If you own an older home or business and need to comply with your State Code for windows, security window films can be used instead of replacing your old single pane windows.  In Arizona, security window film meets building codes when it comes to upgrading windows.  Security film (safety film) adds a layer of thickness that increases the safety of the glass in case of an accidental breakage.

Uses of Security Window Film

  • Bomb blast and severe weather – helps reduce damage and likelihood of injury from flying glass
  • Forced entry – makes it harder for thieves to “smash and grab” retail display merchandise
  • Graffiti – when vandals strike, the transparent film is peeled away –along with the graffiti

Security Window Films are NOT bullet proof window films. Ethical and professional window film distributors, owners, and installers should never make this claim.

Not Seeing, Is Believing

Security films are clear so that would be intruders do not even know the film is applied.  If you wish to have tint to your security film there are films that are tinted too.

Application of Security Window Film

Application of Security Window Film

All 3 of these windows have security film applied to them; however you cannot tell the film has been applied.  The glass in this office is already tinted, so the owners wanted security film as they had experienced a recent break-in.

Check out this video to see how security window film stopped a potential burglary.

LLumar Security Window Film Performance Data

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