11 11, 2013

Thank You Veterans!

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We are frequently asked how we came up with our business name. First and foremost, Scott served proudly in the Marines Second - we have been in the industry for over 25 years, which makes us veterans at we do. If you are looking to find a company not only with extensive experience, but work [...]

24 10, 2013

Harmful Effects of Indoor Sunlight and How to Protect Yourself

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The International Window Film Association (IWFA) has created a booklet to educate consumers about the harmful effects of indoor sunlight.   Indoors - Why they aren't always safe Many people drive to work or work in locations with windows.  Although we may feel protected from UV rays, studies have found that more and more people [...]

9 01, 2012

January 2012 Blog Discount

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Veteran Tinting and Blinds will give any Veteran, Police Officer, Firefighter or Nurse 10% off Residential Window Tinting, Commercial Window Tinting and Vehicle Window Tinting. Thank you for your service!!

24 10, 2011

Arizona Window Tint Laws

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It's hot in the desert and cooling your car when that sun is burning can be a challenge. Most cars have window film applied. Window films can be very light, almost invisible. The film can add a subtle tint to the glass, it can also be very dark. The legal limit for the 2 [...]

2 10, 2011

Quality Window Tinting Peoria – does quality matter to you?

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This Mercedes was just tinted with LLumar High Performance window film. LLumar carries a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty against bubbling or turning purple. If your tinting has failed, it can be removed and replaced, call 623-570-5585 for an appointment. Mobile auto tinting available.

15 09, 2011

Automotive window tinting Phoenix for your windshield?

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LLumar designed a clear window tint, Air Blue, that blocks 43% of the heat.  You cannot see it!  Legally, the front doors in AZ have to be 35%.  LLumar ATR 35% blocks 44% of the heat.  That film makes a big difference on those front doors.  LLumar Air Blue ceramic window film Peoria is clear [...]

21 08, 2011

Factory Car Tinting or Not?

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Factory tinting is on the rear windows of most vans, suv's and trucks along with some wagons. Cars have a slight tint along with all vehicles' driver and passenger door windows. Factory window tinting is a coating process that changes the color and darkness of the glass. This coating is different from an aftermarket tinting [...]

11 08, 2011

Is car window tint the same as home window tint?

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Car window tint and home window tint are very similar in concept but they can be different in composition. Car window tinting is designed to shrink to curved glass and it has a mechanical adhesive like scotch tape to aggressively grab the glass. Auto tinting should always be cleaned with ammonia free cleaners. Home window [...]

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