Recently a window film company here in the valley of the sun did numerous interviews with the local media TV stations making statements that were not necessarily true. Videos are listed on their site’s home page. Contact me if you would like their information. This specific dealer works primarily with 3M window tinting Glendale. Their push was for the new product 3M developed called Prestige. Prestige is a spectrally selective film or IR film or nano film: a product that spectrally selects the infra red light (heat) without blocking much of the visible light (shading). First designed 15 years ago by V-KOOL to be clear, yet reduce some heat gain and block UV. Functional for those that need some heat reduction without knowing there is a product on the glass. Don’t go too dark. Some of this product may only be safe for single pane glass. This product does not cut much glare.
1.The company that sells 3M Window Film Peoria made a claim that reflectance or shiny films cause glass breakage, when actually, too much absorption in a window film can cause glass breakage.
2.They claim that up until a couple years ago the only product available was dark and was not attractive, when silver films were the first developed in the 1950’s by 3M. Light, medium and dark films were all available.
3.The company also claims Low-E glass does you no good in the state of AZ. Dual pane and low-e coating does reduce radiant heat gain from passing through the glass. Dual pane glass and Low-E glass are both beneficial when the sun isn’t shining. When the sun is shining window films will help.

Consumers do not need to pay the 3M premium price for a quality window film. I am amazed at what 3M dealers charge consumers for their product. Veteran Tinting and Blinds, LLC. has products that will perform better and last longer at less than 1/2 of the price. Do your research. Not all dealers tell you the whole story.