Residential Window Tinting reduces premature fading by blocking those factors that cause fading. The only way to stop all fading is to have a cool dark room to put everything. A great way to enjoy your views and reduce fading is to use solar control window films or tinting.

Factor #1 Ultraviolet Light
Most window film products reduce 98% to 99% of the UV light. UV light causes 40%, almost one-half, of the damage out of all the spectrum’s of light. This light changes things fairly rapidly.There are 3 types of UV light: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA is reduced by the window film. UVB rays are blocked almost completely by glass. UVC is screened totally by the ozone layer.Sun_damage1




Factor #2 Heat
Causing 25% of damage, heat can be a concern. If you find that the sun hits your flooring or furniture for any length of time through your glass, chances are that those furnishings are heating up. Sometimes to a burning point. by blocking 50% of the heat, this hot feeling will now be warm, causing less damage.faded floor

Factor #3 Visible Light
Visible light changes things fairly evenly because the light is dispersed and not as direct. This light can be more of a nuisance causing glare. By softening this light even by a little it will help in prevention of damage and provide comfort on the eyes.

Visible Spectrum

Factor #4 Inherent Factors
Interior lighting and humidity will change things over time.