Years of research, technology and testing have allowed window films to provide wonderful benefits for those choosing energy savings, safety, fade protection and glare protection. All of these benefits add up when you consider lowering your energy costs by up to 15% and protecting furnishings, flooring and fabrics from fading.

Reputable window film manufacturers test their products on the different types of glass and have put together film-to-glass charts for dealers like myself to follow when specifying film. If the film causes a failure, as long as the dealer follows the chart, the film manufacturer does warrant the glass for 2-5 years against breakage, as long as there is an existing warranty on the glass. The warranty can also cover the window seal for a period of 3 years, again, as long as there is existing seal coverage in place. This warranty is put in place of your existing warranty if the window manufacturer chooses to void your warranty because of using window film.

Single pane glass can handle most window films with little concern.

Double pane glass, low-e or not, have many options for window film protection. If you need high heat rejection, the MORE reflective a product is, the SAFER it is for your glass. This reflectance looks as though the owner has installed a higher quality, more expensive glass, when the solar film is properly installed. It is very rare for reflective products to cause any glass issues. Ceramic films are designed to be lighter and non-reflective, also safe for double pane, but you do need to stay with the lighter options to stay within the film-to-glass guidelines.

Triple pane glass, offers a few options, more for fade protection.

Most solar control window films are designed to be as clear as the glass. Once window film is installed it can feel like a nice pair of sunglasses on the windows. So, enjoy the views. Window film manufacturers have been around since the 1950’s. If window films broke your windows these companies would not be around. It is very rare to have issues. If there is an issue and it is found that the film was the cause of the glass failure, Veteran Tinting and Blinds will cover the glass according to the written warranty. The new film application will be free of charge.

In most cases the benefits of window films out-weigh the risks. Glass manufacturers are protecting themselves from a homeowner putting on a product not safe for that glass. Use a reputable window film dealer and you will be in good hands. Please remember…glass breaks…there is only a small percentage of that broken glass that has window film on it.