The Entrepreneurial Revolution is for the business person who wants 2011 to be a break-out year in terms of success and growth. Scott Boettcher is just such a business person!

Scott is a transplant from the Twin Cities to Arizona’s Valley of the Sun. He has been in the window tint industry for 22 years and recently launched his own business. His strategy for making the Entrepreneurial Revolution work for him includes lots of networking and a referral program. Scott is a pro at installing window tinting that cuts heat gain and glare significantly! Say good bye to fading and bleaching of furniture and carpet. No more closing blinds and shutters or using screens! Call Scott at 623-570-5585 or visit

You can hear more about the Entrepreneurial Revolution on The Boomer and The Babe Show:… Contact Deborah Brown (interviewer) or Pete Peters (cameraman) for more information: 623-328-8820.