How Much Do Adults Know about Architectural Window Film?


Very little.  Nearly half of U.S. Adults are unaware of the benefits from window film.  According to an article from International Window Film Association (

“53 percent of Americans are unaware that window film allows natural light to enter a home’s interior, while
offering energy savings, interior comfort and safety. Window film has a wide spectrum of shades, from barely noticeable, to smoky greys that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of windows or increase privacy if desired.”


We understand and have seen the results of window film.  LLumar and Vista window films not only protect, but last as long as your windows are functional, so once installed, you have no more worries!  Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate and remember that we are not just selling film, but educating you on how the film works, the benefits, and ensuring that you have all of the information necessary to make a wise purchase!


To understand more about the amazing benefits window film has to offer, check out the rest of this article at IWFA’s website.  Click here for the link to this article.