Most people know about car window tinting – they also see it bubble and turn purple in a few years. I wouldn’t want that  on my home or business. Home and office window tinting doesn’t have to do that. Architectural window films are made a bit differently in the fact that most auto films use adhesives that are pressure sensitive or tacky to the touch. Just like a sticker, these products will only last for so long. Home and office solar films can be made with a dry or non-tacky adhesive of which is water activated and designed to last virtually as long as your glass is functional.
Auto films should be cleaned with a mild detergent and water, where, when using LLumar Window Film, you can use normal commercial cleaners on home and office tinting.
It doesn’t have to be dark either. Home and office tinting can be almost clear, have a medium tint to soften the light a bit or it can be dark enough to cut even the worst glare. Fading is mainly controlled by blocking UV light. Ultraviolet light causes the majority of fabrics and furnishings to fail. Direct heat gain and glare can usually be reduced by the shading of the product.
So, keep your blinds open and enjoy the windows you invested in. Use LLumar Window Film to reduce  heat gain, cut glare and protect your family, furnishings, fabrics and flooring without distorting or blocking your views.