Solar Window Film in Phoenix – Summer is Coming!


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Solar Control Window Film

Start before it gets too Hot!

Solar control window film can help reduce your cooling costs by up to 30%!  Not only that, but window films also reduce glare and fading.  Below the picture is an example of possible energy savings using LLumar or Vista solar control window film!

Solar Window Film

Solar Window Film


Energy Savings Chart

Based on home size 2,500 sq ft

Glass Type Film-Type Vista Films Annual Cooling Energy Savings* Annual Savings*
Dual Pane Medium DR35, Harmony V31, V41, V51,DRV38,SS VS60 15% $257
Dual Pane Medium-High DR25, DRV28 22.3% $383
Dual Pane High DR15, DRV28 26.9% $462
Dual Pane Ultra-High RN07, V14 31.9% $547
Dual Pane EnerLogic EnerLogic 35 39.2% $672

Single Pane

Glass Type
Film-Type Vista Films Annual Cooling Energy Savings* Annual Savings*
Single Pane Medium DR35, Neutral V33, V45, SS VS61 26.2% $470
Single Pane Medium-High DR25, SS VS60, VS70, Harmony V41, V51, DR V38 34.6% $620
Single Pane High DR15, Harmony V31 40.4% $724
Single Pane Ultra-High RN07, DR V14, DR V18, DR V28 46.2% $828
Single Pane EnerLogic EnerLogic 35 47.7% $855


*Energy savings determined using Lawrence Berkley National Lab’ RESFEN 5.0 software which is based on the U.S. Department of Energy’s DOE-2 energy simulation program. Actual savings are dependent upon many factors including actual local energy costs, glass type, shading from trees or adjacent homes, use of interior shading devices (blinds or drapes), and thermostat settings used for heating and cooling. .*

2015 Tax Rebates

This year, Congress has approved up to a $500 tax rebate for energy efficient products, which includes window film!

Not Your Father’s Window Film

Solar control window films have come a long way!  With advanced technology, window films can appear almost invisible, yet still cut out up to 74% of total solar heat gain!  All professional window films are tested by the National Fenestration Rating Council, unlike Solar Screens which are tested by their own manufacturers!  What does this mean?  This means you are getting a third-party test of how well the film will perform on your windows (and yes, they are SAFE for your dual pane windows! – architectural, NOT automotive)

Professional lines of solar control window film comes with a lifetime warranty (covers labor and material).  Vista and EnerLogic offer a lifetime transferable warranty.

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