Residential window tinting is a great way to protect yourself, your family and your furnishings against the harmful rays from the sun.  This application called for LLumar NHE-35 ER HPR which is an exterior window film.  In most cases we install the product on the interior of the glass for many reasons.  The film will last longer on the glass if applied inside, there is also less debris floating around inside making for a much cleaner application.  In certain cases exterior window films can be used to achieve sun protection.  In this case, our customer has two beautiful toy poodles that go crazy on the glass.  These windows had window film on the inside that was scratched up pretty bad from the dogs.  This is a case that the film will look better on the outside longer than it will on the inside.

The pictures show before and after using the product.  The exterior window film has a less durable scratch resistant coating than the interior products.  It is recommended to use a squeegee and a mild detergent and water.  This product reduces 99.9% of the UV and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.  Heat rejected is 52% and glare reduction is 58%.  This exterior product carries a LLumar 7 Year Residential Warranty.  Interior LLumar Architectural films carry Lifetime Residential Warranties.

Contact us for a free estimate if you need sun protection and would like to keep your views clear.  Window films won’t distort your view.  It’s like putting a nice pair of sunglasses on your home.


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Professionally installed Exterior window film can reduce heat, fading and glare.

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Window film can allow you to cool your home easier.

Home window tinting, Scottsdale

Reduce fading, heat and glare with exterior window film

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Unprotected clear glass allows the majority of the heat and UV to transfer through the glass.

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Clear glass is a terrible insulator