Is Window Film Safe for My Windows?


Great Question and one that is asked frequently!

Window Films ARE safe for your windows!!  Think about it — window films have been around since the early 50’s, if they weren’t safe, the industry would no longer exist.

Single Pane Windows
Although most homes do not have single pane windows anymore, many businesses do.  The beauty of single pane windows is that pretty much any window film is safe for these types of windows.  Why?  Because there is not a layer of gas in between the two panes that can expand if there is too much heat absorption, so you have many more choices of film to choose from then someone with dual-pane windows.

Dual Pane Windows

Most homes have dual-pane annealed glass.  This type of glass has air in between the two panes of glass (sometimes it is just air or can be krypton or argon filled).  These types of windows provide better insulation than single pane windows; however, they do not block a high amount of heat, nor do they reduce glare or have UV filters of 99%.

If you are working with a professional, they have access to a film-to-glass chart where they enter information about your window.  Once they have entered the information, they receive a list of films that are safe and not safe for your window.

Why are some unsafe?  If the film absorbs too much heat, the gas can expand in between the two panes and cause a thermal fracture (breakage).

We have never had a glass breakage due to film use while working in Arizona.  We will NEVER recommend a film that could harm the integrity of your glass.

Automotive Film

Sadly, there are dealers here in AZ that sell automotive film to residential and business owners.  These individuals are what gives that rest of us professionals a bad reputation.  Automotive film should NEVER be installed on architectural glass.  Your car glass and home/business glass are made differently so the films are made specifically for each type of glass.  If anyone tells you differently, run!  Also, their manufacturer will NOT warrant anything if they use automotive film on your home or business windows.

Call us today for a free in-home estimate and let us educate you about the differences in film, the safety of the film, and the benefits you will receive for years to come!