Do You Have Window Film on Your Car Phoenix, AZ?



Driving in the blazing Arizona heat without window film…Your A/C can’t keep up, kids are complaining the backseat because it is too hot and the glare from the sun is blinding — right?  Most people who live in Arizona would not have a vehicle without tint, so why don’t you have it on your house?


What?  Homes can be tinted?

Yes!  Window film on your car not only keeps you cooler and more comfortable, but it also saves gas!  Since your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your car, you do not need it cranked high for a long period of time to cool the space…the same is true for your home.


dr15 left right glare

As you can see from the picture above, LLumar DR15 has been applied to the window on the left and nothing is on the window on the right.  The glare is reduced immediately along with a 75% heat reduction!


Architectural window films are used in homes and businesses (please do NOT let anyone sell you automotive film for your home or business). LLumar and Vista window films last as long as your glass is functional and reduces your energy savings by up to 30% each year.  Just like your car, your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard in the summer to cool those hot spots, so you will use let energy running your A/C.


Below are some other examples of work we have recently completed!  We have installed for over 25 years and promise you prompt, courteous, and professional service.


Window Film top left

Window Film top left

LLumar DR-15 Gilbert home

LLumar DR-15 Gilbert home

RN07 - blocks 84% of heat!

RN07 – blocks 84% of heat!

DR35 - lighter film that blocks up to 55% of the heat! (film on left window only)

DR35 – lighter film that blocks up to 55% of the heat! (film on left window only)

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