For those who do not deal in window film on a daily basis do not realize the important facts that distinguish LLumar and CPFilms from all their competitors. Here are some reasons why people should, and do, choose LLumar films:
1) CPFilms is the only manufacturer that makes all of its film components in-house … that ensures the best quality control and the fastest response.
2) The largest manufacturing facility in the industry with over 650,000 square feet (65,000 m2) which is mostly a clean room atmosphere and is ISO 9001 certified.
3) The only manufacturer that uses an ultraviolet absorbing film layer (as opposed to just adhesive additives) in all its automotive and flat glass solar films.
4) Scratch-resistant film coating with an unparalleled track record in the industry.
5) CDF adhesives have never failed in over 20 years of continuous use.
6) The widest variety of products and widths … over 300.
7) The most comprehensive and reliable warranty programs in the film industry
8) American Made!

LLumar only allows authorized dealers to apply and sell their film, which means you will have someone with experience and knowledge assisting you through the whole process.

Going cheap usually means poor quality and poor installation, which means redoing your home or business in a few years.  LLumar offers a lifetime warranty for all residences and a 5-10 year manufacturer’s warranty for business.

Save money (energy costs), reduce fading of your furniture, window coverings, floors, and accessories, and help reduce glare by installing LLumar window film today.