Offering SRP Commercial Rebates for Window Film


SRP Energy Efficiency Partners

Veteran Tinting and Blinds has become an Energy Efficiency Partner with SRP!


What does mean for your business?

If you are a current SRP Customer, you can add energy efficient window films to your building and not only save on your cooling costs, but also receive a $0.60 per square foot rebate from SRP!

Qualifying Commercial Products/Requirements

We have LLumar and Vista Window Films that will meet these following requirements:

– Product with a solar heat gain coefficient of .35 or lower

– Applied on windows facing South, East, or West (North can be used as long as most of the window faces West or East)

– NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) rated products

Our EnerLogic product not only meets these requirements, but also allows more light into your facility than darker window films!


Possible Savings?

Besides the rebate from SRP, EnerLogic 35 can offer an ROI of 2 – 5 years!




So not only will you see a rebate check, but you will also see immediate savings on your cooling costs!


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