Cut The Heat Arizona!


Types of Window Films We Work With

LLumar – For more than 55 years, LLumar window films have been used to:

  • Control the sun — providing protection from excessive heat and harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Lower energy costs — saving homeowners up to 40% on cooling costs and providing annual energy savings up to l5% in commercial buildings.
  • Improve driving comfort; style and privacy.
LLumar has grown into one of the world’s best-selling brands of window films by never taking anything for granted. We’re constantly improving our products to help people live in greater comfort and safety at home, where they work, and in the cars they drive.If you’re ready to improve your view of the world and to see how an extra level of care can make a big difference in your life, we’d like to help.

Vista – Reduce your cooling costs up to 50% with Vista window film for your home. Vista window film not only increases energy efficiency, it reduces fading and provides UV protection. Take control of the sun, cut glare and add privacy without sacrificing style.

See what your energy savings can be!

EnerLogic – When you think of home energy improvements such as CFL lighting, insulation, and weather-stripping, think EnerLogic® films. Our films essentially give single-pane windows the annual insulating performance of double-pane windows, and make double-pane windows perform like triple-pane windows. They are the only window films on the market that offer this type of year-round performance.

Projected energy savings have been calculated using RESFEN software for homes with clear, single-pane windows.


Both products offer a lifetime warranty against fading, peeling, bubbling, grazing, and crazing.  This warranty includes removal of the old film, application of the new film, and labor — so there is NO cost to you.

LLumar’s warranty is non-transferable, whereas Vista’s warranty is transferable.


Why don’t we offer multiple films from other companies?

We are not just selling you film, which is what many of the other companies do by offering multiple competitors.  They don’t always care about the quality of the product, but only about the sales itself.  Our films not only stand up to the competitors, they are the only film that has NEVER had an adhesive failure since their inception.  We want to make sure our customers are happy with the overall service of everything we do!  We want your experience to be enjoyable because referrals are the best advertisement anyone can give.