We are using 2 weeks to discuss the Top 20 things you should know about window films.  If you would like to view #1 click the link on the bottom of the page for our other blog site.

#2 – There are so many types of different film for many different purposes including building envelopes, fenestration systems and security systems.

  • Film can be applied to all commercial or residential settings and there are selections of films safe for dual-pane windows including storefronts, anywhere you want to block glare in offices and homes on any window, large or small.
  • Films can also be used anywhere you need to protect interior furnishings and valuables from fading caused by UV damage from the sun
  • Films can be used to protect belongings in your home or business by using safety/security films.
  • Films can be used to protect mirrors in public places such as dressing rooms and bathrooms using anti-graffiti film.

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